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Newly Renovated Small Offices in One North Bridge, High Street Centre
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Newly Renovated Small Offices in One North Bridge, High Street Centre

29 Apr 2015

One North Bridge Level 6 is also the High Street Centre building, located in between Clarke Quay and City Hall MRT stations. We have the pleasure to be invited by the owner of Level 6 last week to visit its premises.

Level 6 is exclusively accessible by its office tenants only. Many offices from 500 sf onwards are located on this floor and they are surronded by a beautiful landscape consisting of a garden and koi pond. Koi fishes and turtles co-exist in harmony along a corridor right outside the office units. We feel this is an extremely nice place to work in and whenever we are stressed or need a place to relax and find ideas, we can just step out of our offices anytime. 

The well decorated area creates a good fengshui which will bring good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and perseverance to all companies and everyone working on Level 6. SIX is a lucky number for the Chinese and many businessmen love to be associated with the number.

In Chinese,  means that everything is going smoothly. 

Below are many photos we took at Level 6 of High Street Centre. However you will need to be present physically to visualise having your new office here and working in this environment. Contact us now at to schedule a visit! 

Office Lobby

First, let's look at the beautiful landscape surronding the offices.


Corridor of some office units

Some of the office spaces available

Views from the office units

How does High Street Centre look from the exterior?


Map Location of High Street Centre

Wish to have your new office here at Level 6 of High Street Centre? Contact us now at!

Thank you. 


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